Running Background Synchronization with Auto Sync Settings (IBM Notes + MS Dynamics CRM)

Users can force LinkPoint Connect to run a synchronization in the background based on existing Auto Sync rules at any time. In some cases, users set the Auto Sync frequency to longer intervals between each sync. Users may create a batch of appointments or import a list of contacts that they need available in both IBM Notes and Microsoft Dynamics CRM sooner than the next sync time.


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Running Background Synchronization with Auto Sync Settings

Step_1 Click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then select Start Background Synchronization.

Run_Background Sync_olsf_1

Click Yes to confirm the background synchronization.

Run_Background Sync_olsf_2

Note that the system will provide a notification if the sync fails. Otherwise, the sync will run in the background with no additional notification or user interaction.

Run_Background Sync_olsf_3

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