Working with Microsoft Exchange Meetings

Additional_Resources_Web Desktop Plus Edition integrates directly with Microsoft Exchange and imports meeting data for calendar items that the user created and that include invitees. Private items are not imported from Exchange. This feature is off by default but can be enabled as part of the implementation process. This added integration allows users to tie Meeting Recaps to specific calendar events. In this section, you will become familiar with the additional features available with the integration to Microsoft Exchange for Desktop Plus Edition.


Warning: The information outlined in the following steps will not take effect if your organization does not have the Microsoft Exchange integration enabled. Users will also need to individually connect to their Exchange accounts as part of the Setup Wizard.



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Working with Microsoft Exchange Meetings


Launch the LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Plus Edition mobile application. Then select the main menu icon and tap Meeting Recaps to view the calendar.

Tap a Calendar Item to proceed to the Meeting Details page.

Tip: Tap on the Month, Week, or Day buttons to change the calendar view. Tap the < and > buttons to advance the calendar as needed. Tap the Today button to return the calendar view to the current date.


Review the Meeting Details and use the information to determine whether the meeting requires a Meeting Recap.

Tap the play button to start or resume a Meeting Recap. Complete the Meeting Recap as needed.


Additional Resources: Refer to the Recapping a Meeting with the Mobile Application section of this User Guide for more information.

Return to the Meeting Recaps screen and view the number of meetings related to each Meeting Recap.

Tip_Web Tip: The Microsoft Exchange integration allows users to create multiple Meeting Recaps for a single Salesforce record. For example, many users have multiple meetings regarding the same Account or Opportunity.

Tap the Calendar icon to view a list of each Meeting Recap that corresponds to the same Salesforce record.

Tap the Meeting Recap name or the List icon to view submitted responses.

Review the submitted responses.

Tip_Web Tip: As you complete your Meeting Recap, be sure to associate it with the correct Salesforce record. Desktop Plus Edition will append the information from multiple Meeting Recaps to a single Meeting Summary and will detail the individual answers submitted for each question along with the date the answer was submitted.



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