New Look, Same Reliable Email Integration

Introducing the Enhanced Side Panel for LinkPoint Connect! The newest version includes streamlined email recording, optimized Salesforce integration, and extra productivity features including Connections contact auto capture and TimeScout meeting booking.


Discover how the Enhanced Side Panel makes LinkPoint Connect a standout integration solution.
  • Single click email recording
  • Updated, easier to navigate design
  • Consolidated recording, viewing, and editing
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • Refreshed forms with support for required, dependent, and inline fields
  • Configured for Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects by default
  • Optimized email tracking insights
  • Built-in meeting booking and scheduling options
"The new version of LinkPoint Connect is so much easier to use and quickly allows me to associate my emails to an opportunity and contact. I love being able to jump into Salesforce with the click of a button."


Need to Know

The Enhanced Side Panel changes how users interact with Salesforce data in Outlook. Our videos and documentation offer an introduction to the latest changes. Here’s what else you can expect as you transition to the newest version of LinkPoint Connect.
  • The Record Window, Record to Salesforce, and Smart Record buttons have been replaced. Users can now single click inbound and outbound items from the Side Panel using the checkboxes that appear next to record names. (learn more)
  • Contacts created in Outlook cannot be related to Salesforce Accounts with Account Lookup in the initial release during Contact Sync. Watch for updates regarding this feature.
  • Bulk Email Recording is no longer available. More targeted one-to-one email recording via the Side Panel allows for more accurate user control over email destinations in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Library Item access is not included. Watch for updates regarding this feature.

Guided Training

Release Documentation