The Importance of Clean Data and How LinkPoint360 Can Help

Of the various platforms we use for business operations, there’s one constant that makes every one of them work: data. The systems we interface with make accessing this data much faster and easier, but we could technically get by without them if we needed to. Without data, on the other hand, every one of these […]

Are you getting value out of Salesforce CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems make it easier to manage all the interactions that occur between employees and customers. They also give you more insight into the inner workings of your sales and marketing teams, maximizing productivity and enhancing collaboration to deliver personalized customer experiences. For best results, your chosen CRM system should be capable […]

5 Best Sales Enablement Tools to Add to Your Tech Stack

No matter how much experience they have, salespeople need high-quality tools and training to help them succeed. Sales enablement refers to the process of providing these resources to help your sales reps thrive. When you’re strategic about your sales enablement efforts, you have the opportunity to build a team that excels at prospecting, generating revenue […]

Are Sales Enablement Tools Making Leaders Lazy?

Many companies are now using sales enablement tools to help sales pros increase conversion rates and bring in more revenue. These tools automate some of the most time-consuming tasks, allowing sales teams of all sizes to spend more time on revenue-generating activities. Although sales enablement tools are designed to increase effectiveness, some business owners wonder […]

5 Cons of Salesforce’s Einstein Activity Capture (and How LinkPoint360 Can Solve Them)

When Salesforce decided to sunset its Lightning Sync product last year, the writing was on the wall. Its longtime contact and event syncing solution was supplanted by Einstein Activity Capture, a component of the Salesforce Einstein platform. By moving the functionality from an independent solution to a feature of Einstein, Salesforce nudged you a little […]