Can I sync my calendar based on CRM category?

Can I sync my calendar based on CRM category?


You can change the way calendar sync logic works. Instead of syncing everything on your Outlook calendar and excluding only Private events you can sync only events with CRM category assigned. We have hidden this option within our configuration file because of the trouble it would cause if anyone ever accidentally changed it.

Please follow the instructions below to make a change:
  1. Make sure that both Outlook and LinkPoint Connect (icon in your system tray near your clock) are closed.
  2. Navigate to %appdata%/LinkPoint360 in Windows Explorer (simply paste that location in the navigation bar)
  3. Open the file named LinkPoint360.ini in notepad
  4. Under [MicrosoftOutlook] section find the line that says SyncCalendarCategory and add CRM after the equals sign
  5. Save and close the file and reopen Outlook.
  6. Start manual sync with Rebuilt History option checked. Please refer our User Guide for more information about on how to access Rebuilt History option. (Click here and flip to page 101)


Additional_Resources_Web Additional Resources: You can read more about these warnings on the Microsoft support website.

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