Configuring LinkPoint Connect Manual Sync Settings (Outlook + Salesforce)

Users should become familiar with the available LinkPoint Connect sync settings before running a Manual Sync or scheduling an Auto Sync. The synchronization of Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks works similarly but can be managed separately based on user preference. Configuration settings for LinkPoint Connect are managed within the LinkPoint Assist window. In this section, you will learn how to access and alter the sync settings available for LinkPoint Connect Manual Sync.



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Configuring LinkPoint Connect Manual Sync Settings

Example_Web Example: In this example, we will demonstrate how to configure the sync settings for Calendar items. The available sync setting options are similar for Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks.

Step_1 Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Configure LinkPoint Connect.


Select Sync from the Components list within the LinkPoint Assist window, and select the Sync Jobs tab.



Select the Process to configure from the drop-down list. The options include Calendar, Contact, and Task.



Tip_Web Tip: Sync settings for Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks are managed separately to give you more control over how your data is moved between Outlook and Salesforce. You will need to choose your sync settings individually for each Process by returning to the drop-down list and selecting the next item.

Step_4 Select the Include calendar records during background sync? checkbox to ensure that Calendar sync is enabled.


Select the number of days from the Synchronize Past Days drop-down list. This will determine how far back the sync will update or include information for dated items that occurred in the past.


Select the number of days from the Synchronize Future Days drop-down list. This will determine how far out upcoming events will sync.


Step_7 Deselect the Synchronize Private Items checkbox to ensure that Calendar items marked as Private are not included in the sync. Select the checkbox to send Private items between Outlook and Salesforce. Note that this option is deselected by default by LinkPoint Connect.



Tip_Web Tip: Remember, you will need to manually set any private Calendar items as Private on your Calendar. LinkPoint Connect only checks existing privacy settings and does not create privacy for individual items.

Step_8 Select the options in the Prevent Operations section of the Sync Jobs tab based on workflow need.



Tip: Users can prevent LinkPoint Connect from creating, updating, or deleting items regardless of any other system settings. Users can set this individually for Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, effectively creating bidirectional or one-way sync rules.

Tip_Web Tip: The Do not ‘delete’ existing Calendar records from Salesforce option is selected by default in LinkPoint Connect as a precaution for users who do not want items removed from their Salesforce calendar. You can deselect the checkbox to override this setting.

Step_9 Click the Apply button when finished to finalize the settings. Click Ok to close LinkPoint Assist.




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