Configuring the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel (IBM Notes + Salesforce)

LinkPoint Assist guides users through simple configuration processes to adapt LinkPoint Connect to individual and organizational needs. Various settings are available for managing the way that LinkPoint Connect displays Salesforce data, records emails, and syncs information between systems. There are also several useful connectors available for advanced users who want to include even more integration within their LinkPoint Connect Side Panel. In this section, you will learn how to modify several settings that impact the display of information in the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel.


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Configuring the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel

Step_1 Click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then select Configure.

Configure_Side Panel_lnsf_1

Step_2 Select Side Panel from the Components list on the left side of the LinkPoint Assist window.

Configure_Side Panel_lnsf_2

Step_3 Select a Color Theme from the drop-down list to change the Appearance of the Side Panel. Note that Auto is the default option.

Configure_Side Panel_lnsf_3

Step_4 Select the Ignore the following items when looking up details: checkbox to specify email addresses to exclude from the Side Panel. Enter the content into the field box with one item on each line.

Configure_Side Panel_lnsf_4

Tip_Web Tip: This is especially useful for excluding yourself or others in your organization from the Search Results or Contact List.

Configure_Side Panel_lnsf_Tip 4

Step_5 Select preferred settings for the Pop-Up Detail Window that is displayed when double clicking on items in the Side Panel. The window can be set to close when clicking away from it or when clicking the close icon.

Configure_Side Panel_lnsf_5

Step_6 Click the Apply button to confirm the selection and click the OK button to finish and exit LinkPoint Assist.

Configure_Side Panel_lnsf_6

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