Viewing Salesforce Data in IBM Notes

The LinkPoint Connect Side Panel enables users to view their Salesforce CRM data directly within IBM Notes. This section will demonstrate the types of information that are accessible within the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel and how users can interact with the data.


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Viewing Salesforce Data in IBM Notes

Step_1 Open IBM Notes and launch the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel. The Side Panel will automatically populate with data related to the selected email if the contact’s email address exists within Salesforce.

Step_2 Explore the seven main sections of the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel.


Item_A Contact List: All contacts included in the To, From, Cc, and Bcc fields for the selected email are listed and available for reference. Select one from the list to view the Salesforce information for that record within the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel.


Item_B Search Bar: Enter the name of any Salesforce contact and press Enter to search for and view the Salesforce information for that record within the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel.


Tip_Web Tip: If you are looking for a Salesforce contact but cannot remember the name, try searching for the Account or Opportunity. The LinkPoint Connect Side Panel will return all of the matching contacts from the search results under the Contact List for you to choose from.

Item_C Business Card: View basic information related to the contact such as Contact Name, Job Title, Company, Telephone Number, and Email Address.


Tip_Web Tip: You can click the account name within the Business Card to launch the account record in Salesforce. You can click the email address in the Business Card to launch a new email window within IBM Notes.

Item_D Shortcut Icons: Choose how to act on the data presented in the Side Panel using icons that make it quicker to work with.



Item_E Related Information: Review data from Salesforce that relates to the selected contact. View emails, accounts, opportunities, cases, and custom objects by selecting items in the Navigation Pane.


Item_F Navigation Pane: Select the Related Information to display for a specific contact.



Item_G Drop Zone: Create new contacts, leads, or accounts by highlighting an email signature, clicking down on the selection, and then dropping the content on one of the icons.


Step_3 Double click on items listed within the Related Information section of the Side Panel to preview the Salesforce content within IBM Notes.


Step_4 Scroll through the content in the Quick View window. Click the arrows to move between Salesforce items by clicking the arrows.


Step_5 Click the red X in the top right corner of the window or click anywhere on screen outside of the Quick View window to close it.

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