Connecting LinkPoint Connect to Salesforce for Virtual Desktop Environment Installation

Once the user has entered the license key, each individual user must connect their instance of LinkPoint Connect to their CRM. This connection is based on the individual user access to the CRM and not the organization. In this section, you will learn how to connect your Salesforce account to LinkPoint Connect.


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Connecting LinkPoint Connect to Salesforce

Step_1Launch the LinkPoint Assist window, and select Salesforce from the left-hand menu.


Step_2Select Connect Now within the Connection window to configure LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce.


Step_3Enter your Salesforce User Name and Password, and click the Log in to Salesforce button.


Step_4Click Allow to enable LinkPoint Connect to access your Salesforce account and display your Salesforce information in Lotus Notes.


Step_5LinkPoint Connect will test the connection to Salesforce. This may take a few moments. Click OK once the Test Connection window displays the Connection succeeded message.


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