Create Records with LinkPoint Connections

LinkPoint Connections aggregates all contacts and leads a user interacts with via email who do not already exist in Salesforce. Users can then review these records and choose to create a new Salesforce Lead or Contact or to create an Outlook Contact. LinkPoint Connections displays content based on email signatures found in the user’s emails and includes them in a ranked list based on the number of available data points and how often the user interacts with the individual.

Tip: LinkPoint Connections is enabled by default. Configuration options are included within the General Preferences section of the Preferences Pane. Users can choose to enable/disable the feature with the option to Suggest new contacts & leads found in email signatures. The option to Suggest even if just email address is found allows users to fine tune search and recommendation settings.

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 Select an email in the Outlook inbox. Note that the Side Panel returns Search Results based on the sender and/or recipient email addresses and the related Salesforce records.

Locate the LinkPoint Connections group in the Side Panel, and click the Expand icon.

Tip: This contextual view will not appear as an option if there are no unmatched records on the email.

 Review the presented contact information. LinkPoint Connections presents information for Contacts and/or Leads that are contained in the selected email but do not currently exist in Salesforce. The details are gathered from email signatures.

Create a new Salesforce record from the LinkPoint Connections record. Click the Create Salesforce Contact icon or Create Salesforce Lead icon to launch a SnapForm.

Create a new Outlook Contact from the LinkPoint Connections record. Click the Create Outlook Contact icon to launch an Outlook contact card.

Remove a suggested LinkPoint Connections record from the results. Click the Disregard & Remove icon to exclude the contact moving forward.  a new Outlook Contact from the LinkPoint Connections record. Click the Create Outlook Contact icon to launch an Outlook contact card.

Tip: You can view a listing of all collected LinkPoint Connections contacts by launching the LinkPoint Connections pane at any time. This will present all contact information regardless of the email you are currently viewing. Click the LinkPoint Connections icon  in the bottom center of the Side Panel to view this listing.

Tip: LinkPoint Connections icon in the bottom of the Side Panel. Records are removed from LinkPoint Connections either by adding the record to Salesforce or selecting the option to Disregard the item. LinkPoint Connections will dedupe information, keeping the most recent or the most complete email signature for a single email address record.


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