Creating a New Profile (Exchange + Salesforce)

Admins can create new Profiles for a Subscription to organize Users based on specific criteria. Examples include creating Profiles for groups of employees by department (i.e. Sales, Marketing), by division or team (i.e. EMEA Team, NA Team), or by existing workflow permissions (i.e. all users who can calendar sync, all users who are not allowed to calendar sync). Profiles can also be configured to mirror profiles already established within Salesforce. In this section, you will learn how to create a new Profile.



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Creating a New Profile

Log into Cloud Edition and select Subscription from the top navigation.



Locate the Profiles section for the Subscription, and click the Create New button.



Enter a Name for the Profile in the corresponding field.



Click Create to save the changes and generate the new Profile.


Tip: The new Profile can now be used when importing new Users or to reassign an individual user.




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