Setting Default Values for Hosts and Sync Jobs (Exchange + Salesforce)

Admins can establish default settings for users at different levels of the hierarchy. The available options for Host and Sync Job settings are similar for each hierarchy and vary depending on which level or group of users are affected. Default values appear to each end user and can be overwritten by the end user if the Admin does not lock down the fields. Establishing different default values for different Subscriptions, Profiles, or Users gives Admins the flexibility to mirror existing workflows or processes for divisions or teams within their company. Default values can be set for the following:

In this section, you will learn how to set default values for Hosts and Sync jobs.

Example: In this example, we will demonstrate how to set default values for a Calendar Sync Job using a specific Subscription. The steps are the same when working with any Sync Job or Host for Organizations, Profiles, or Users. Note that the Organization level does not include settings for Host values.


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Setting Default Values for Hosts and Sync Jobs

Log into Cloud Edition and select Subscription from the top navigation.



Select the Edit link in the Action column for the Calendar Sync Object to launch the Calendar Event Sync Settings window.



Select the settings you wish to apply to all Profiles and Users who are part of the current Subscription. The changes made on this screen will be applied throughout the hierarchy. If this is your first time configuring Cloud Edition, some default values may already be established. These can be changed as needed.

Warning: Selecting a sync mode for a Sync Job will activate that Sync Job and set it on by default for all users that fall under that Subscription within the hierarchy. For example, selecting Sync All Calendar Items will turn on calendar sync by default for all end users within that Subscription and all of its Profiles. Once these users enter their Salesforce and Exchange credentials, their Calendar Sync will automatically process.

Additional Resources: Learn more about Sync Job options in the corresponding sections of this User Guide

Click the Save button to confirm the default settings for the Subscription and close the window.



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