Editing a Subscription (Exchange + Salesforce)

A Subscription is the second level of a Cloud Edition hierarchy, falling under an Organization. Subscriptions are groupings of licenses purchased by a LinkPoint360 customer. An Admin can choose to group all licenses under one subscription or request separate Subscriptions from LinkPoint360 in order to separate billing across divisions or teams within a company. Subscriptions are also used to manage licenses for users with different integrations. All users within a Subscription must have the same email and CRM configuration. Subscriptions inherit any default or locked settings established on the Organization level. Any settings configured for a Subscription will impact the Profiles and Users within the Subscription. In this section, you will learn how to edit a Subscription.



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Log into Cloud Edition and select Subscription from the top navigation.



Select the Edit link under the Subscription name.



Review the available fields and make edits as needed. Note that the changes made here will apply as defaults for all users in the Subscription.


Warning: Making changes to the Global Exclusion List will affect all Profiles and Users for the Subscription and will influence sync behavior. Be sure to review the Configuring the Global Exclusion List section of this User Guide before proceeding.

Tip: : Some options may not be available for editing. If you need to make changes to your Subscription and do not have access to a specific field, please contact your Account Executive.

Click Save to confirm the changes and then close the Edit Subscription window.




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