Reviewing Organization Options (Exchange + Salesforce)

An Organization is the top level of the Cloud Edition hierarchy. Admins will always have access to a single Organization for their instance of Cloud Edition. In this section, you will become familiar with the available options on the Organization level.



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Reviewing Organization Options

Log into Cloud Edition and select Organization from the top navigation.



Review the available Subscriptions for the Organization. Note that most organizations will have only one Subscription listed.


Tip: To view details for the Subscription, click the Subscription Name and advance to the specific Subscription.

Review the list of available Sync Jobs. Select the Edit link for a Sync Job to predefine and lock down specific settings for each Sync Job.


Tip: The options for locking and predefining Sync Job rules are more limited at the Organization level than at the Subscription and Profile levels. Many Sync Job settings rely on Host data to determine how information will move between Salesforce and Exchange. However, the Organization level does not contain Host information.

Additional Resources: Learn more about predefining and locking Sync Job settings in the Locking Sync Job Settings section of this User Guide.




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