Get Started with LinkPoint ReCAPP

Get started with LinkPoint ReCAPP in just a few steps. Our mobile application makes it easy to provide feedback from meetings. Just start a Meeting ReCAPP and answer the predefined questions presented to you. The data will automatically sync back to Salesforce, and you can return to review or update your answers at any time. Below are a few of the most common questions new users ask when getting started with LinkPoint ReCAPP. You can also explore our knowledge base for more details.


Why is my screen blank when I log into the app?

The main My ReCAPPs screen will be blank until you complete your first Meeting ReCAPP.


How do I start a Meeting ReCAPP

Tap the Start a ReCAPP option in the mobile app menu. 


What if I don’t know the answer to a question?

Skip it. You can always go in later and answer them.


Can I go back into the app later and change/update answers?

Yes, from main My ReCAPPs screen, find the Account/Opportunity you are working on, select it, locate the Question/Field you want to change by simply touching it and choose a new answer.


What if the answer is not displayed for me to choose from?

Simply select Other and a text box will appear.  You can then either type in or speak into the app by selecting the dictation microphone on your mobile device.




You can learn more about LinkPoint ReCAPP including step-by-step articles and videos in our Knowledge Base.

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