Importing Users (Exchange + Salesforce)

Admins can add Users to their Cloud Edition account using the import tools available for specific Profiles. Admins can choose to import new Users to the default Profiles, to custom created Profiles, or to Profiles that correspond with the Profiles that exist in their instance of Salesforce. In this section, you will learn how to import Users.

Tip: To import users from Salesforce, the Admin must be connected to Salesforce as a User. Connection to an Exchange Host is not required.



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Importing Users

Log into Cloud Edition and select Users from the top navigation.



Click the Import from Salesforce button.



Enter a first name, last name, email address, or Salesforce profile name in the Search field, and click the search icon. This will return all results with matching Salesforce User records containing the word or phrase.



Tip: You can search for partial phrases, parts of Profile names, or specific Users. Cloud Edition will return results for all partial or complete matches.

Review the list of Salesforce Users on the left side of the screen. Select the checkbox for each User to import. Continue to search for Users and add them to the Selected Users list on the right side of the screen as needed.


Tip: The count for the Selected Users list will indicate how many you have selected for import compared to how many licenses you have available with your current Subscription. If you want to import more users than you are allotted, contact your Account Executive to increase your Subscription or consider deactivating current Users who may no longer need system access. You can select up to 50 Users per import.

Tip: The maximum number of users that can be imported at once is 50 Users. If your subscription includes more than 50 licenses, you will need to import your Users in batches of 50 or less.

Review the options in the Import to Selected Profile drop-down list. You can add the Selected Users to one of the existing Cloud Edition Profiles in the list. Or, you can choose the option to Match Salesforce profile to import the Users and align them with Profiles that correspond to their Salesforce profile.


Tip: The import acts on Users in bulk. You can only select one Profile for each group of Selected Users. If you are working with multiple Profiles, add the Users to the Selected Users list in batches by Profile and conduct multiple imports to organize the users accordingly.

Tip: Note that you can only import a User once and that a user can only belong to a single Profile. Profiles cannot be edited by Admins or End Users. Contact your Account Executive if you need assistance making changes to user Profile assignment.

Click the Import Selected button to finalize the import. The message Successfully Imported Users will display when the import is complete.



Each end user will receive an email from LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition prompting them to finish their individual set up process. The User will create a password and connect to the Salesforce and Exchange Hosts. Users who have access to changing Sync Job settings will be able to do so by accessing the My Settings page once the initial configuration is complete.

Tip: LinkPoint360 Support can assist with user management and invite additional users to a Cloud Edition Account per Admin request based on email address. This allows for users to be added from alternate Salesforce orgs and helps with change management if Admin(s) should leave an organization.



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