Syncing Contacts between IBM Notes and Salesforce with Manual Sync

LinkPoint Connect offers users the flexibility to control when and how their contacts are synchronized between IBM Notes and Salesforce with a Manual Sync feature. In this section, you will learn how to use Manual Sync to synchronize contacts both to and from IBM Notes and Salesforce.


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Syncing Contacts between IBM Notes and Salesforce with Manual Sync

Tip_Web Tip: Before starting a Contact Sync, be sure that the IBM  Notes contacts that you want to sync are assigned a Category of CRM. Select a contact, right click and select Categorize.


Select CRM category and then click OK. You may need to create the category first if you do not see it in the list of available options.


Step_1 Click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then select Open Synchronization in manual mode.


Step_2 Select the Contact checkbox. Deselect any other items you do not want to sync at this time.


Example_Web Example: In this example, we will demonstrate how to sync Contact items.


Step_3 Click the Start Sync button to proceed.



Tip_Web Tip: You will have a chance to review and confirm the items to be synchronized before the tool actually runs the synchronization process.

Additional_Resources_Web Additional Resources: Several default Contact Sync Rules are applied as part of the sync process. These settings can be configured using LinkPoint Assist. This includes choosing whether or not to sync items marked as Private.

Step_4 Click Yes in the Start Sync dialogue box.

Step_5 Review the Synchronization Summary window to see a list of all new or updated contacts that match the established sync criteria. Contacts that exist or were updated in Salesforce appear on the left. Contacts that exist or were updated in IBM Notes appear on the right.


Tip_Web Tip: By default, LinkPoint Connect only syncs the Salesforce Contacts that the user owns.


Step_6 Review the icons in the Action column to determine how LinkPoint Connect will be syncing the displayed contacts. These actions relate to new, updated, or deleted contacts either in Salesforce or IBM Notes.



Step_7 Right click an Action icon to launch a list of additional options for the contact. Users can choose to Ignore differences until the next time one changes or Ignore difference forever.


Example_Web Example: This is useful for excluding specific contacts from the sync for a single time or to exclude a contact from the sync moving forward.

Tip_Web Tip: You can select multiple contacts to apply changes by clicking the contacts with your mouse while holding the Shift key on your keyboard. Once the contacts are selected, right click to review the Action options.


Step_8 Click the Ok button to confirm the contacts to sync and to run the actual sync process.



Tip_Web Tip: LinkPoint Connect will confirm the sync completion by updating the Last Run date and time in the Synchronization window.

Syncing_Manual_Contact_lnsf_Tip 8

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