Syncing Email Attachments (Exchange + Salesforce)

Cloud Edition includes the option for users to record attachments when syncing emails from Outlook to Salesforce. Users can enable automatic sync settings or one-off record all of the attachments on a particular email based on need. In this section, you will learn how to sync email attachments to Salesforce.

Tip: Cloud Edition Admins have the ability to set default sync settings and/or lock down these settings to prevent end user override. Your instance of Cloud Edition may not allow you to change any/all of the settings described in this section, depending on how your Admin has configured your access. Settings that are preset and locked by an Admin are visible to end users but are grayed out and cannot be edited.

Warning: The ability to sync attachments applies to Email Sync only. This feature is currently not available for Calendar or Task Sync. Note that when you record attachment either automatically or ad hoc, all of the attachments on the email are recorded at the same time to the corresponding Salesforce records. Users cannot choose specific attachments on an email.

Tip: Attachments that do not exceed 5 MB will sync to Salesforce. Due to Salesforce restrictions on file sizes, files larger than 5 MB will not sync. However, the email content will still sync to Salesforce.



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Syncing Email Attachments

Log in to Cloud Edition, and select My Settings in the top right corner of the screen.



Select the Edit link for the Email Sync Object to view the available sync options.


Select the checkbox to Automatically Record All Attachments to sync all of the attachments on any email that records to Salesforce.



Tip: This will make sure that all of the attachments on the emails that sync based on your selected Sync Settings will be recorded to Salesforce. If you want to selectively record attachments, leave this option deselected and use the Record Attachments Smart Tag.

Tip: Note that attachments do not sync when linked with OneDrive. OneDrive documents are always excluded from sync.

Additional Resources: Learn more about working with attachments in the Tagging Emails and Calendar Items with Smart Addresses section of this User Guide.

Click the Save button when finished. Then close the Email Sync Settings window.


Tip: Cloud Edition supports Salesforce instances that use the Files Object for attachments. If you have the Files Object enabled in Salesforce, attachments will record to this object and will be displayed in the page layouts wherever the Files Object has added by your Salesforce administrator. When the Files are recorded, they appear under the Files Related List and a reference is added to the File in the Notes & Attachments Related List. The recorded File in Salesforce will also display the related items. Organizations not using the Files Object will see attachments within the Notes & Attachments section on the related records.



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