Troubleshooting Email Sync (Exchange + Salesforce)

Cloud Edition offers users the flexibility to customize how Email Sync records emails to Salesforce from Microsoft Exchange. When getting started, users may experience outcomes that do not match their expectations for the sync functionally. In this section, you will review some common scenarios to help with troubleshooting Email Sync and to guide you as you configure your settings.


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Troubleshooting Email Sync

Leads and Email Sync

Cloud Edition supports syncing items sent or received from Salesforce Lead records. However, Salesforce limits items to sync only to a single Lead Record. An email sent to a single lead can sync to the matching Salesforce Lead Record. However, an email sent to two or more leads can sync only to a single Salesforce Lead Record. In these instances, Cloud Edition will sync the item to the first Lead Record match listed in the To or From field (depending on whether the item is inbound or outbound).




There are also Salesforce limitations when working with a mix of Lead and Contact Records. An email sent to multiple Contacts and Leads with matching Salesforce Records will sync to the matching Contact Records. The item will not sync to the Lead Record(s) since Salesforce prevents working with a mix of Contacts and Leads. Cloud Edition gives priority to the Contact Records in the To or From fields (depending on whether the item is inbound or outbound).



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