Using Smart Link to Relate Outlook Calendar Items to Salesforce Records

LinkPoint Connect enables users to associate existing Outlook Meetings and Appointments with Salesforce Accounts, allowing items to be created once and then sync as needed between systems. The Smart Link feature automatically detects matching Salesforce records to relate to a specific calendar item. In this section, you will learn how to relate Outlook calendar items to existing Salesforce records with Smart Link.


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Step_1 Open a Meeting or Appointment in Outlook and enter information for the item including the invitees, subject, location, date, time, and content.


Step_2 Click the Smart Link to Salesforce button in the LinkPoint section of the Outlook Ribbon.


Step_3 LinkPoint Connect will compare the email addresses listed in the To: field with the Lead and Contact records in Salesforce. Any Leads or Contacts for which LinkPoint Connect finds a match will be automatically added within the Related to section of the Side Panel.

Tip_Web Tip: Due to restrictions set by Salesforce, users cannot relate a mix of Leads and Contact records at the same time. If you list both Leads and Contacts in the To: field, Smart Link will automatically relate the calendar item to the Contact record(s).

Tip_Web Tip: If you want to relate the calendar item to a combination of Contacts and objects such Opportunities or Cases, or need to make changes to the records listed by Smart Link, click the Link to Salesforce button.

Step_4 Click the Send button. LinkPoint Connect will sync the Meeting to your calendar in Salesforce during the next scheduled or manual sync depending on your settings. The Meeting will also be related to the selected Salesforce records.



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