Viewing Daily Sync Reports (Exchange + Salesforce)

The Daily Sync Report is emailed to all active users with a summary of sync usage and outstanding items. This information is designed to encourage users to ensure that the correct Contacts and Leads are created in Salesforce to boost CRM adoption and ensure that communications can be correctly matched and recorded based on the sync rules in place. The notification also includes a summary of All Time Stats to demonstrate business value as well as Yesterday’s Stats to show the change on a daily basis. In this section, you will learn how to review the Daily Sync Report.


Tip: The Daily Sync Report is enabled by default for all existing and new users. The report is emailed overnight to each end user.



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Viewing Daily Sync Reports

Locate the email with the Subject LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition – Daily Sync Report in your inbox.



Review the first section of the report. Note that it displays the number of Unresolved Emails and Calendar Items currently included in the Sync History along with the total number of Unmatched Leads and Contacts for both Sync Jobs.



Click the links to launch the Sync History and resolve any issues preventing items from syncing. Items will be unresolved or unmatched when no matches are found in Salesforce during the sync.



Tip: This report is designed to help users see which Leads and Contacts need to be created in Salesforce in order for items to be able to sync. Items remain unresolved or unmatched until an action resolves the sync issue (i.e. adding a matching Contact in Salesforce, changing a sync setting to include the item in the next sync) or until the item exceeds 30 days of sync attempts.

Review the second section of the report. Note that it displays Yesterday’s Stats as well as the All Time Stats for the user.


Tip: These metrics are designed to show end users how their Sync Jobs are being utilized and the amount of time and effort saved with auto-sync functionality.

Additional Resources: Learn more about enabling and disabling the Daily Sync Report in the Editing End User Details section of this User Guide.



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