Editing End User Details (Exchange + Salesforce)

Admins can act on behalf of Users to edit their User Details or initiate a password reset. These options appear on the User pages. Note that individual Users will need to log in and enter their credentials to configure the Host information for Salesforce and Exchange. In this section, you will learn how to edit User details as an Admin on behalf of a User.



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Editing End User Details

Log into Cloud Edition and select Users from the top navigation.



Review the list of Users and select the Edit link to the left of the User Name.



Review the existing field data and make any changes necessary.




Select a Profile from the drop-down list to move the user to a different Profile.




Warning: If you move an existing user who already has established sync settings to a new Profile that has locked sync settings, the new Profile settings will override anything the user had previously configured. This will change the expected sync behavior for the user and may impact how they will need to interact with the software (i.e. if they were using a Sync All mode and now their Profile enforces a mode that requires Designation, they will need to use Designations moving forward). Be sure to communicate any changes to the end user, as they are not notified when an Admin makes changes to their settings.

Change the Admin of selection to make a User an Administrator of a particular Organization, Subscription, or Profile. This will give the User access to change, set defaults, and lock settings for all Users within the level they are an Admin of.




Tip: All imported Users are set as Standard Users with no administrator rights in the system. The only person with complete Admin access is the first person who created the Organization Account. An Admin can choose to make other Users an Admin of other levels in the hierarchy, but they can never be assigned to a level higher than the Administrator itself. This can be useful when assigning other Users as Admins of the Profile they are in, allowing managers or team leads to be responsible for how that Profile syncs data and to help troubleshoot for their colleagues.

Select the Send Daily Sync Report option for the system to email the user a Sync Report including Sync History details. Deselect the option to disable the report.





Deselect the Active checkbox to deactivate the User. This will disable any Sync Jobs for the User and lock the User out of Cloud Edition. Note that all Users are set as Active by default when imported.




Click Save when finished.






Click a User Name to visit their full User Details Page.



Review the available User Details and Sync Jobs information and make any changes necessary.



Warning: When an Admin edits a User’s Details and/or Sync Jobs, the changes will immediately impact how that User’s data syncs between Salesforce and Exchange. Be sure to confirm before saving your changes.

Tip: Admins are able to view most User information but are not able to connect to a Host on the User’s behalf. The Admin can see if a User is connected to Salesforce or Exchange but cannot enter or edit the User’s Salesforce or Exchange credentials.

Tip: Admins can review the Calendar Sync History and Email Sync History for any User to learn how the user is leveraging the software or to help a User adjust configuration settings to change sync results.

Select the Reset Password link under the User Name to initiate a password reset for the User. The User will receive an email from the Cloud Edition system prompting them to change their password to regain access.

Tip: Admins can use this feature to help Users access Cloud Edition in the event of a forgotten password. The User can also visit the Log In screen and select the option to Change Password to regain access.



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