Viewing End User Details (Exchange + Salesforce)

A User is the final level of the Cloud Edition hierarchy, falling under a Profile. Users are individuals who have access to Cloud Edition and can connect their instance of Salesforce and Exchange using personal credentials. An Admin can choose which Users to import and provide access to the system. Users inherit any default or locked settings established on the Organization, Subscription, and/or Profile levels. On the User level, the Admin can act on behalf of a User, view all of the User details, and edit User details. In this section, you will learn how to view the complete User list and view individual User details as an Admin.



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Viewing End User Details

Log into Cloud Edition and select Users from the top navigation.



Review the list of Users to view basic information for each individual.



Click the Name of the User to view their complete User Settings page.



Additional Resources: Learn more about editing user information in the Editing User Details section of this User Guide. Learn more about how to add users your Cloud Edition account in the Importing Users section of this User Guide




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