SnapForms typically display a large number of fields and sections based on existing Salesforce Page Layouts and user permissions. In some cases, working with a shorter version of the form makes users more productive, such as when working with record updates. Short Forms allow users to restrict fields for creating and editing SnapForms with controls set in Salesforce.

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Work with Short Forms

Create a new View in Salesforce for an Object that requires Short Form configuration.

Start the List Name with LP360_SnapForm and allow the List API Name to autopopulate.

Set the visibility to All users can see this list view to make the configuration available to all users in the LinkPoint Connect license. Click the Save button.

Tip: LinkPoint Connect checks to see if each user has a Short Form List View that they create themselves first. If no personal View is found, the system will check for a global option, as described in Step 3 above. If both exist, LinkPoint Connect presents the Short Form based on the user’s criteria, not the global criteria.

Click the View List Controls button and select the option to Select Fields to Display.

Select the fields to display in the Short Form version of the SnapForm by adding Available Fields to the Visible Fields List. Any fields selected will be included, in the order presented, in the Short Form. Click Save.

Tip: Be sure to include any Required Fields for the Object at this time. If you exclude Required Fields and a user attempts to save changes to a Short Form, they will receive a validation error and must expand to the full SnapForm to proceed. Adding the Required Fields at this stage reduces user clicks and confusion.

Click the Preferences icon in the bottom-right corner of the Side Panel in Outlook.

Expand the General Settings section and select the checkbox to Rediscover Salesforce Environment when I close this preferences panel. Close the Preferences Pane when done.

Open a new SnapForm for the Object with the newly created Short Form criteria. Note that the option to View Short Form is now available.

Select the View Short Form checkbox to display the Short Form verison of the SnapForm. The fields miror those selected and organized when creating the Salesforce View. Deselect the View Short Form checkbox to view the complete SnapForm.

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