7 Benefits of LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce

Thousands of salespeople, marketers, IT specialists and other professionals use Salesforce to keep their contacts organized and accessible. Although Salesforce has many valuable features, switching back and forth between Salesforce and email takes up time that could be better spent selling or serving customers. LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce features one-click email recording and dozens of […]

Custom CRM Software: How LinkPoint Connect Can Save You Time [And Money]

Integrating email with your CRM software can save you a lot of time and money — both in direct savings and in heading off unnecessary spending. Find out more about how LinkPoint Connect can drive cost savings for your business below. Minimize Duplicate Work Email may be a tried-and-true sales and customer service tool, but […]

On-Premise: More Safe, More Secure…But Why?

With so much talk about the Cloud and IOT in the last decade, on-premise solutions have faded from focus a bit. But with centralized code, once-size-fits-all updates, and data stored who knows where, cloud convenience doesn’t always cut it. On-premise solutions give companies a different kind of flexibility in contrast to cloud applications. If security, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to LinkPoint Connect

I hear a number of the same questions from new (and existing) LinkPoint360 customers as they work to get up and running with our software. After all, setting up software that connects two completely different systems can be a bit confusing at first. Add to the mix users who are new to integrating Outlook and […]

Critical SFO Feature on the Chopping Block

Salesforce recently announced that they are pushing back retirement for their native Salesforce for Outlook integration (SFO) until 2023. But did you know that features and functionality will start disappearing this June? That’s right. While users can continue recording emails with SFO, they will start losing key features that are critical to their workflow. The […]

The Disadvantages of Salesforce Automation

Ok wait. How can automating something be a bad thing? One of the main tenants of an exceptional CRM (and exceptional CRM ROI) is to get as much quality data into the system as possible, and wouldn’t automating processes help this? Sure. But in consulting with current and prospective clients for our email integration portion […]

What You Might Not Know About LinkPoint Connect

I’ve been with LinkPoint360 for more than 6 years, and the company has been around for more than 18 years. We’re industry leaders in email and CRM integration. We brought third-party innovation and support to Saleslogix back in the day when Saleslogix was, well, Saleslogix. We grew, and grew some more, and supported Salesforce and […]