On-Premise: More Safe, More Secure…But Why?

  • On-Premise: More Safe, More Secure…But Why?
On-Premise: More Safe, More Secure…But Why?

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With so much talk about the Cloud and IOT in the last decade, on-premise solutions have faded from focus a bit. But with centralized code, once-size-fits-all updates, and data stored who knows where, cloud convenience doesn’t always cut it.

On-premise solutions give companies a different kind of flexibility in contrast to cloud applications. If security, safety, and data control are top priorities for your business, then on premise software might be the right choice for you.

This can have an impact on giant ERP systems to document storage…all the way down to email integration.

Purely cloud-based email integration leaves critical gaps in security and data compliance.

What does this mean for your teams? If you depend on hosted sync solutions, you do not always get to control how your data moves or where it is stored.

With the upcoming retirement of Salesforce Lighting Sync, users will need to find an alternative. But Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) does not operate the same way.

Here are 8 critical factors to watch for:

  1. Storage: EAC stores recorded emails and events for no longer than 2 years.
  2. Integrity: EAC data is lost if a user leaves the organization.
  3. Location: EAC stores recorded items in a non-Salesforce, external server.
  4. Reporting: EAC restricts storage, reporting, and access to data.
  5. Installation: EAC hosts data in a third-party app with no on-premise secure option.
  6. Updates: EAC updates without a customer opt out option.
  7. Security: EAC requires EWS access that can compromise security.
  8. Flexibility: EAC historical data is lost if you switch systems or CRMs.

Sounds like a lot of inefficiency and insecurity just to sync emails and events.

LinkPoint Connect is a completely on-premise solution that gives customers 100% control over installation, updates, data access, and security. No hidden fees, no reduced reporting, and no data loss.

Don’t sacrifice security with native email integration. Contact us for more information and to learn how you can roll out an on-premise option with LinkPoint360.

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