Cloud Edition: Release Notes (Version 6)

Cloud Edition Release Version 6 is designed to optimize the sync engine with back-end updates. Additional enhancements are included to refine Admin interaction with end users and clarify expected system behavior. The following release notes detail the changes that are in effect with the Version 6 Release. For step by step instructions, please refer to the User Guide. If you have questions about your LinkPoint Connect subscription, please contact your Account Executive.


A Note About Software Upgrades

The Version 6 Release is available for LinkPoint Connect server deployments.

Cloud Edition is upgraded to the latest Version for all user accounts during each release deployment. Version releases may result in an interruption in service or web portal access. Users can review the Cloud Edition Status online for updates on downtime and maintenance windows. Upgrades should not override existing sync configuration. Depending on settings created by an Admin, end users may or may not have access to all of the features listed within the Release Notes. In this case, please contact your Administrator.


Invite Users by Email Address

Previous Functionality: Cloud Edition users could only be added by an Admin by importing Salesforce users. This required the Admin to be connected to Salesforce and limited LinkPoint360 Support for user management.

Enhanced Functionality: LinkPoint360 Support can assist with user management and invite additional users to a Cloud Edition Account per Admin request. This allows for users to be added from alternate Salesforce orgs and helps with change management if Admin(s) should leave an organization.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Importing Users section of this User Guide.


Rebuild History with User Profile Change

New Functionality: When a user is moved from one Profile to another within the same Organization, Cloud Edition will rebuild the user’s Sync History to ensure that all of the sync rules in the new Profile are respected and reflected in eligible data. This also erases existing Sync History information for the user, and only displays sync details for items synced with the new Profile criteria.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Editing User Details section of this User Guide.


Change User Email Address

Enhanced Functionality: Users can update the email address associated with their account. This changes the credentials that users log into Cloud Edition with and the email address where Cloud Edition email notifications are sent. This setting does not change the Exchange/Office365 account used for syncing.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Editing User Details section of this User Guide.


Attachment Sync – Clarification

Enhanced Functionality: Note that attachments do not sync with Cloud Edition when linked with OneDrive. OneDrive documents are always excluded from sync. Additional clarification on this functionality has been added to the Email Sync Settings screen to ensure users understand this system limitation.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Syncing Attachments section of this User Guide.


Forwarding Host Disconnect Emails to Admins

Previous Functionality: Host Disconnect emails were sent directly to the affected end user when Cloud Edition lost connection to either Salesforce and/or Exchange.

Enhanced Functionality: Admins can request that Host Disconnect emails also be forwarded to Admin users for a Cloud Edition Subscription. This feature adds the Admin as a cc recipient on the email to the end user. This setting is off by default and can be enabled by LinkPoint360 Support on request.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Connecting Cloud Edition to Microsoft Exchange and Connecting Cloud Edition to Salesforce sections of this User Guide.


Changing Exchange Host Connection Type by Admin

Previous Functionality: The Exchange Connection Type selected by the Admin when first creating a Cloud Edition account was set as the default value for all users. If the Admin changed the Exchange Connection Type at the User level at a later time, the value was updated for all users.

Enhanced Functionality: The Exchange Connection Type is not changed for existing users in an account based on Admin selection at the User level. Admin selections are still used as defaults for all new users when initially creating an account and for all new users after a change has been made to the value.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Connecting Cloud Edition to Microsoft Exchange section of this User Guide.


Exchange Sync Throttling for Larger Data Sets

Enhanced Functionality: To accommodate Exchange environments with limited volume thresholds, Cloud Edition will now throttle sync jobs that are unable to complete within a single process. Sync jobs with large amounts of data will complete over multiple sync attempts.


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