Connecting to Salesforce

Users can review their connection to Salesforce in order to disconnect or make changes to their integration configuration. In this section, you will learn how to update your Salesforce account for LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Plus Edition.


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Connecting to Salesforce


Log in to Desktop Plus, and click the email address in the top right corner. Then click My Profile.


Locate the Hosts section and note the Salesforce connection status. The red X and Please configure. status indicate that the user account is not connected to Salesforce. The green ✔ and Ready status indicate that the user account is connected to Salesforce.

Step_3 Select the Edit icon for the Salesforce Host to view the Salesforce connection options.


Click the Disconnect button to remove the connection between Desktop Plus and Salesforce.

Step_5 Click the Connect button to connect to the new Salesforce account. If you are already logged into Salesforce, Desktop Plus will establish the connection and close the window.

Step_6 Note that the Salesforce account is now connected to Desktop Plus with the green ü and Ready message displayed.



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