Creating a New Salesforce Opportunity from Outlook

LinkPoint Connect helps users remain in Outlook while creating new Salesforce records with minimal manual data entry. In this section, you will learn how to create a new Salesforce Opportunity from Outlook.

Tip_WebTip: Depending on how an organization has configured LinkPoint Connect to mirror your existing business processes, users may not have all of the options described in the following section. Contact your internal IT admin for more information.


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Creating a New Salesforce Opportunity from Outlook

Step_1Select an email and note that the Side Panel displays the related Contact information. Select Account Opportunity or Contact Opportunity on the Navigation Pane to display the Related Information for the Contact.

Step_2Click the Smart Form icon to create a new Opportunity.



Step_3Enter any required or additional information in the Opportunity Smart Form. Note that the Account Name field is prepopulated by LinkPoint Connect. Click Ok to create the record in Salesforce.


Tip_WebTip: LinkPoint Connect will not override any business rules within your instance of Salesforce. If additional fields are required to create the Opportunity, the user will need to enter the information in order to proceed.

Step_4The newly created Opportunity will be listed in the Related Information in the Side Panel.




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