Creating a New Account in Salesforce from Outlook

LinkPoint Connect helps users remain in Outlook while creating new Salesforce records with minimal manual data entry.  In this section, you will learn how to create a new Salesforce account from Outlook.

Tip_Web Tip: Depending on how an organization has configured LinkPoint Connect to mirror your existing business processes, users may not have all of the options described in the following section. Contact your internal IT admin for more information.


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Creating a New Account in Salesforce from Outlook

Step_1 Select an email from a new Contact. Note that the Side Panel searched Salesforce for the Contact and did not find a record matching the sender’s email address.

Tip_Web Tip: LinkPoint Connect searches Contacts based on primary email address. If you receive an email from an existing Contact and the Side Panel does not return a matching Contact, it is possible that the Contact may be in Salesforce under a different or secondary email address. You can verify before creating a new Contact by using the Search Bar in the Side Panel to look for the contact by First and/or Last Name.


Additional Resources: Users can enable the option to search based on secondary email address to expand the search results provided in the Side Panel. Refer to the Searching and Recording Based on Secondary Email Address section of this User Guide for more information.

Additional_Resources_Web Additional Resources: LinkPoint360 can customize the Search Bar to include results from custom fields. Please contact the LinkPoint360 Support Team for more information.

Step_2 Highlight the signature within the email. Drag and drop the highlighted signature to the Drop Zone at the bottom of the Side Panel. Release the selection over the Account icon.

Step_3 Enter any required information in the Smart Form for the selected record type. Note that some fields, such as Account Name, are prepopulated based on the contents of the email signature.


Tip_Web Tip: Existing customers may need to update their configuration to launch Smart Forms with drag and drop. To change whether drag and drop launches new records in Smart Forms or in Salesforce via the web browser:


  1. Select Smart Forms from the Components list on the left side of the LinkPoint Assist window.  
  2. Select the checkbox to Use Smart Forms when dropping email signatures to create records?. Click Apply and Ok to finalize the changes.


Additional Resources: Refer to the Creating and Updating  Salesforce Records with Smart Forms section of this User Guide for more information.

Click Ok to create the record in Salesforce.


Tip: LinkPoint Connect will not override any business rules within your instance of Salesforce. If additional fields are required to create the Account, the user will need to enter the information in order to proceed.

Tip: You can also create a new Account by clicking the Smart Form icon in the Side Panel and then clicking Account from the drop-down list.



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