Entering a License Key (Outlook + Salesforce)

LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Edition is a PC-installed application that allows users to work with and create Salesforce data directly within Microsoft Outlook. To use LinkPoint Connect beyond the initial free trial period, users must enter their unique License Key. In this section, you will learn how to enter your LinkPoint Connect License Key.



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Entering a License Key

Step_1 Launch the LinkPoint Assist window.



Tip_Web Tip: You may automatically arrive within LinkPoint Assist by checking the option to Launch the program when finishing the installer. You can also access these settings by right clicking the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray near your desktop clock and then selecting Configure LinkPoint Connect.



Step_2 Enter the required information for the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields.



Step_3 Enter the License Key provided in the welcome email, and click Verify License.



Tip_Web Tip: If you are installing LinkPoint Connect as part of the free trial, the License Key will be Evaluation. This field may be already be populated for you.

Warning_Web Warning: If you have purchased LinkPoint Connect after participating in the free trial, you will need to follow the steps to update your License Key from Evaluation to the License Key provided in your welcome email.

Tip_Web Tip: If you enter your unique license key but the field reverts back to an Evaluation license key, your firewall may be blocking access to the LinkPoint Connect server or there may be an issue with the proxy settings. Please contact your internal IT team for assistance.

Step_4 Click Apply and then click Ok to save the changes.




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