Installing LinkPoint Connect (Outlook + Salesforce)

LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Edition is a PC-installed application that allows users to work with and create Salesforce data directly within Microsoft Outlook. To get started, users must download the LinkPoint Connect Installer, which is accessible via the Salesforce AppExchange, the LinkPoint360 website, or a direct link provided by a LinkPoint360 Account Executive. All methods provide access to the same Installer for free trial and licensed users. In this section, you will learn how to install the LinkPoint Connect software.



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Installing LinkPoint Connect

Step_1 Select the link for the LinkPoint Connect installer provided in the welcome email, or enter the URL in your browser address bar and press enter.



Step_2 Save the file named LinkPointConnectSF.exe to your computer and then open it to launch the Installer.

Step_3 Click Next within the LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce – InstallShield Wizard to start the installation process.


Step_4 Select the I accept the terms in the license agreement option, and then click the Next button to proceed.

Step_5 Confirm that Microsoft Outlook is closed and click the Next button.



Select the installation preferences within the Custom Setup screen. By default, the Installer will place the LinkPoint Connect software on the system hard drive. Click Next to continue.



Review the Current Settings. Then, click Back to make changes or click Install to start the installation.


Tip: LinkPoint Connect relies on a common Microsoft technology called .NET Framework 4 Client Profile which comes pre-loaded on Windows 7 and above. If your computer does not already have this installed, it will automatically be downloaded as part of the LinkPoint Connect installation process.

With the Launch the program checkbox selected, click the Finish button to exit the Installer.




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