Recording Emails to Salesforce with Smart Record and Smart Send (Outlook + Salesforce)

Smart Record and Smart Send offer a quicker way of recording emails to related Contacts in Salesforce. LinkPoint Connect checks behind the scenes to identify Contacts that match between the email recipient fields and Salesforce Contacts. The emails are automatically recorded to the matching records without the user launching the LinkPoint Connect Record window. Note that Smart Send and Smart Record do not automatically record to other record types (i.e. Leads) or to other objects (i.e. Opportunity, Case). Users looking for more control over recording should use the Send and Record to Salesforce button as usual. In this section, you will learn how to use Smart Record and Smart Send.



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Recording Emails to Salesforce with Smart Record and Smart Send

Step_1 Select an email (or emails) and click the Smart Record to Salesforce button in Microsoft Outlook Ribbon.


Tip_Web Tip: There are two other ways to access the Smart Record and Smart Send functionality for LinkPoint Connect.


  • Right click an email in the inbox and select Smart Record to Salesforce from the menu.

  • Within an open outbound email, click the Smart Send and Record button.


Step_2 LinkPoint Connect will run a background search to determine whether any of the email recipients or senders match Contact records in Salesforce. The email will be recorded to all matching Salesforce Contact records automatically. A pop-up notification will confirm that the email has been recorded.

Step_3 LinkPoint Connect will identify any emails that include Contacts for which there is no match in Salesforce. A pop-up notification will indicate the email that was not recorded.



Warning: If there are multiple emails without a matching Contact record in Salesforce, a pop-up notification will indicate the emails that were not recorded by subject line. However, the Record window will not automatically launch.

Tip_Web Tip: If you want to record the email to a combination of Contacts and objects such Opportunities or Cases, use the Record to Salesforce button instead.

Step_4 The CRM Category will be assigned to the email in Outlook once the email has been recorded to Salesforce.



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