The LinkPoint360 development team is dedicated to enhancing our products and solutions with a constant eye to user experience and productivity. The Fall ’14 release is designed to provide LinkPoint Connect users with enhancements that provide additional inroads for CRM adoption.

Fall ’14 Release Summary

Working with Emails

Working with Contacts

Working with LinkPoint Connect Usage Reports

Working with LinkPoint Connect Contextual Help


Lotus Notes Users

Customers new to LinkPoint Connect and using our Lotus Notes + Salesforce integration will see a number of the new features outlined in these release notes. However, some upgrades will take effect within Outlook only. The areas of variance are the result of restrictions or differences between the email applications themselves. Upgrades that are available to Lotus Notes + Salesforce users with the Fall ’14 release include:

Note that while the release notes demonstrate the upgrades as they appear within Microsoft Outlook, the functionality remains the same within Lotus Notes, with the exception of a few Action Labels or menu placements. The LinkPoint360 Knowledge Base will be updated in the coming weeks with screen captures and descriptions specific to the Lotus Notes integration.


Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users

Customers using LinkPoint Connect integrations for either Infor CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM will see variation in their instance of the software upgrades. Some features and functionality in the Fall ’14 release are not relevant to these CRMs and cannot be implemented for these systems. Users will see the enhancements available for their particular CRM. These include:

  • LinkPoint Connect Contextual Help
  • Create Outlook Contact Using Drag and Drop
  • Create CRM Record from Outlook Contacts


A Note about Software Upgrades

Products and services provided by LinkPoint360 are automatically updated by default. Individual users may, in most cases, change their update preferences within LinkPoint Assist. Some organizations may request that upgrades be disabled by default and then manually released at the discretion of internal IT teams. If you see new features or functionality listed within the release notes but do not see the new features in your instance of LinkPoint Connect, please contact your System Administrator.


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