Searching and Recording Based on Secondary Email Address (Outlook + Salesforce)

By default, LinkPoint Connect searches for matching Contacts and Leads within Salesforce based on primary email address in order to display details in the Side Panel and Record Window. But in many cases, a single contact may have multiple email addresses. If a user receives an email from an existing Contact and LinkPoint Connect does not return a matching contact, it is possible that the Contact may be in Salesforce under a secondary email address. Users can enable secondary email address searching within LinkPoint Connect to make it easier to find contacts with several email addresses on file. In this section, you will learn how to enable and disable the setting that manages LinkPoint Connect email search fields.

Warning_Web Warning: Enabling the feature outlined in the following steps may affect search performance time. This feature is disabled by default.


The Secondary Email Address feature does not search Person Accounts in Salesforce by default. Please contact your Account Executive for more information.


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Searching and Recording Based on Secondary Email Address


Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Configure LinkPoint Connect.



Step_2 Select Salesforce from the Connectors list on the left side of the LinkPoint Assist window.




Select the checkbox for Email Fields to search additional email address fields when recording email or searching for contacts in the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel. Deselect the checkbox to disable the option.



Click the Apply button to confirm the selection and click the OK button to finish and exit LinkPoint Assist.




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