Viewing LinkPoint Connect Usage Reports in Salesforce (Outlook + Salesforce)

Companies that roll out LinkPoint Connect across their organization realize increased CRM adoption and overall productivity gains. LinkPoint Connect offers customers even greater CRM adoption by providing the ability for managers and admins to track LinkPoint Connect usage. By being able to see which LinkPoint Connect users are leveraging the tool properly, additional measures can be taken to educate and increase user adoption. In this section, you will learn how to implement LinkPoint Connect Usage Reports.

Warning_WebWarning: The following steps can only be followed by Salesforce users with Admin privileges to create and alter fields within Salesforce and across and organization. Contact your admin for more information.


Viewing LinkPoint Connect Usage Reports in Salesforce


Create a new Date\Time type field named LinkPointTouchDate__c within Salesforce. Add this field to Contact, Task, and Event objects.

Step_2Add the LinkPointTouchDate__c field for all users within the organization for which the usage report will be run. If the field and objects are not applied to the correct users with the correct access, the data will not be collected.


LinkPoint Connect will automatically update this field per user within Salesforce with unique usage data every time the user syncs or records information. This will show the last time LinkPoint Connect was used on an individual level.

Create a report within Salesforce that includes the LinkPointTouchDate__c field across the users to be monitored. This will demonstrate usage across teams within the organization.

Tip_WebTip: You do not need to expose the LinkPointTouchDate__c field to end users in order to collect data or run reports. This will prevent data from being overwritten. The field is automatically exposed to the LinkPoint Connect API.

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