Attaching Salesforce Documents to Outbound Emails in Outlook

LinkPoint Connect helps users be more efficient by providing access to the resources they use right where they need them. Users are able to access documents that are stored and maintained within Salesforce directly from Microsoft Outlook. This eliminates the need to toggle between systems to find the right document to attach. In this section, you will learn how to access your Salesforce Document Library and attach items to outbound emails from Outlook.



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Attaching Salesforce Documents to Outbound Emails in Outlook

Step_1 Open an outgoing email and click the Attach Library Item button on the Microsoft Outlook ribbon.



Select the Salesforce Folder that contains the document and view a list of available items in the Documents list. In some cases, you may need to click to expand nested folders.


Tip: Note that the document information is displayed below the Documents pane.



Select an item in the Documents pane and click the right arrow to add the item to the Selected pane.



Step_4 Select an item in the Selected list and click the left arrow to remove the item from the Selected pane.


Click OK to proceed.



Note that the document from the Salesforce Document Library is now attached to the email. Finalize and send the email as you normally would.




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