Editing Email Content When Recording to Salesforce from Outlook

LinkPoint Connect users are able to edit the information recorded to Salesforce without altering the message sent to a recipient. This helps users relabel items as part of an email chain with more accurate descriptions for CRM reference. In this section, you will learn how to record emails to Salesforce from Outlook.



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Editing Email Content When Recording to Salesforce from Outlook

Step_1 Select the Edit tab in the Record window.



Tip: The Subject and Body fields automatically populate with the existing subject and body of the email. Users can alter the Subject of the email to change how it will appear within Salesforce to help differentiate it from other recorded emails with the same subject line. Users can edit the Body of the email to eliminate redundant information especially when an email chain has been recorded several times.

Tip: Changing content within the Edit tab does not change the content that the email recipient(s) see. These changes only affect the content that is recorded to Salesforce.

Enter or edit the text in the Subject: field.



Enter or edit the text in the Body: field.



Click the Record Now button to record and send the email, or continue to work with the record options in the next section of this User Guide.




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