Creating and Updating Salesforce Records with Smart Forms (Outlook)

Smart Forms allow users to create and update Salesforce records with a customizable interface within Outlook. LinkPoint Connect dynamically accesses existing Salesforce Global Actions that are preconfigured. For Salesforce instances that do not include Global Actions, LinkPoint Connect provides a set of starter forms that integrate with standard objects:

  • Accounts
  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Events
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Tasks

Smart Forms can be launched from a variety of shortcuts throughout LinkPoint Connect and are displayed in their own window, making it quick and easy to review available fields, enter data, and save information to Salesforce. Users can select a Record Type from a drop-down list within any applicable Smart Form. Record Types are automatically detected, and LinkPoint Connect will present the default Record Type from Salesforce. Smart Forms support custom record types and fields with additional implementation provided by the LinkPoint360 Professional Services Team. In this section, you will learn how to create and update a record using Smart Forms.



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Example: In this example, we will demonstrate how to use Smart Forms to create and update Lead and Contact records in Salesforce. The steps are the same for other record types. The difference will be the different fields available within the individual Smart Forms, which are unique for each record type.

Creating and Updating Salesforce Records with Smart Forms

Step_1 Open Outlook and locate the Side Panel. Click the Smart Forms icon in the top right corner.



Tip: You can create new records using Smart Forms in the Record Window by clicking the Smart Forms icon in the top right corner.


Tip: You can create new records using Smart Forms in the Reference Selection Window when working with calendar items. Click the Link to Salesforce option and then click the Smart Forms icon in the top right corner.


Select the object type to create.



Enter data in the available fields in the Smart Form.



Tip: Any Salesforce required fields will also be required in the Smart Form. These are marked in red.

Tip: Users can select a Record Type where applicable for objects such as Accounts. Select the Record Type from the drop-down list at the top of the Smart Form. Note that these are dynamically populated based on how the object is configured in Salesforce and some objects may not include a Record Type.


Click Ok to complete the Smart Form and create the record in Salesforce.



Click the Smart Forms icon within the Contact section of the Side Panel to update an existing record.

Tip: The Smart Forms icon appears throughout LinkPoint Connect for Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Events, Leads, Opportunities, and Tasks. Click the icon to update the information for each specific record as needed.

Edit the record as needed. Click Ok to save the changes to the record in Salesforce.


Tip: You can also launch a Smart Form when using the drag and drop feature to create new Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Existing customers may need to update their configuration to launch Smart Forms with drag and drop by default.

Additional Resources: Refer to the Launching Smart Forms with Drag and Drop section of this User Guide for more information.



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