Sending Emails with LinkPoint Bcc Sender

LinkPoint Bcc Sender helps users send emails in a 1-to-1 format while using established distribution lists within Microsoft Outlook. In this section, you will learn how to use LinkPoint Bcc Sender when sending emails.


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Sending Emails with LinkPoint Bcc Sender


Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Configure LinkPoint Connect.




Select Record from the Components list within the LinkPoint Assist window, and select the Outlook tab.




Select the checkbox to Enable personalized ‘bcc’ addressing?



Step_4 Click Ok to save the changes.



Step_5 Compose an outbound email, and enter the email recipients in the Bcc field. This can be in the form of a list of individual email addresses or an email distribution list.

Tip_Web Tip: If you include recipients in both the To: and Bcc: fields, the LinkPoint Bcc Sender feature will not work. The only recipient field populated should be the Bcc field.

Step_6 Complete the email and click Send and Record, Smart Send and Record, or Send, to complete the process.

Review the LinkPoint Bcc Sender window. To proceed with sending the individual emails using the feature, click Yes.


Tip: Clicking No will still send the email, but will not do so using the LinkPoint Bcc Sender feature. Click Cancel if you do not want to send the email at this time.

LinkPoint Bcc Sender will send out an individual instance of the email to every recipient included in the Bcc field. This is especially useful when sending out communication with merge fields or when trying to follow up with larger groups of leads or contacts in a way that appears more personalized.

LinkPoint Bcc Sender will provide a .txt file with a report of each individual email address that the email was sent to individually. The report is emailed to the user initiating the send and is not provided to anyone included in the Bcc field.



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