Tracking Email Opens with LinkPoint Tracker

LinkPoint Tracker enables users to track when an outbound email is opened by one or more recipients. With real-time notifications, users can proactively follow up with key Leads and Contacts. In this section, you will learn how to use LinkPoint Tracker to monitor when emails are opened.


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Tracking Email Opens with LinkPoint Tracker


Compose an email and click the Track Email button in the LinkPoint section of the Microsoft Outlook Ribbon.

Tip: LinkPoint Tracker will indicate if an email is opened. If tracking an email sent to multiple recipients, LinkPoint Tracker will only indicate that a person has opened the email. It will not distinguish which of the recipients opened the email. If you need to track opens on a per-recipient basis, consider sending separate emails or using LinkPoint Tracker along with the LinkPoint Bcc Sender feature.

Step_2 Complete the email and click Send and Record, Smart Send and Record, or Send, to complete the process.

Tip_Web Tip: When a tracked email is opened, a pop-up notification will display in real time, alerting the user that the email recipients are currently active.

Tip_Web Tip: Emails sent and received within the same IP address will not be tracked. This helps limit the number of internal emails sent that do not need tracking.

Step_3 Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Open LinkPoint Tracker.



Step_4 View the tracked email information in the LinkPoint Tracker window.



Tip: Use the drop-down list to choose whether to show all emails or limit the list to show only opened or unopened emails.

Step_5 Click the column headers to sort the table data by that column of information.



Select an email and view the Details pane for additional information including the recipients of the email, Subject, Sent, and Last Read date.



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