Understanding LinkPoint Connect Sync Functionality (Outlook + Salesforce)


LinkPoint Connect is designed to simplify the process of synchronizing your calendar, contact, and task data between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce. Users can seamlessly connect existing accounts without the need to manually input sales leads and client information into two separate destinations.

LinkPoint Connect synchronizes Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce using two sync types: Manual and Auto. Organizations or users can decide how they would like to manage their sync settings based on how they use Outlook and Salesforce throughout the day. Users can configure LinkPoint Connect to sync automatically using custom settings or manually sync for more control.



LinkPoint Connect sync functionality highlights include:

  • Customize the flow of information between Outlook and Salesforce
  • Configure the synchronization to your specific preferences
  • Set the synchronization run times and focus on other tasks while it runs
  • Compare your existing calendar, contact, and task data without manual entry
  • Rebuild previous synchronizations to reset where information is stored
  • Experience convenient technical support to troubleshoot any synchronization issues
  • Manage sync settings easily with LinkPoint Assist


Sync Types

Manual Sync

Users must take action each time they would like to synchronize Calendars, Contacts, or Tasks using Manual Sync. Users are prompted to confirm the settings for each sync type. Users can run the Manual Sync as often as needed. LinkPoint360 recommends that first-time users run a manual sync before enabling auto sync to avoid duplication issues.

Auto Sync

Users can set up their preferred synchronization options within LinkPoint Assist to use the Auto Sync feature. The sync options automate when and how Calendar, Contact, and Task items move between systems. These settings are configurable per user or can be configured the same way for an organization by LinkPoint360 Professional Services.


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