5 Ways LinkPoint360 Helps Achieve Maximum CRM Productivity

  • 5 Ways LinkPoint360 Helps Achieve Maximum CRM Productivity

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For most salespeople, email is the preferred channel for communication. As a marketing tool, it’s indispensable for contacting prospects, following up leads and nurturing your current customers. And while companies spend small fortunes on social media campaigns, a study by McKinsey shows that email alone is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined for getting new sales.

Any effective salesperson will tell you how crucial email is to their day-to-day job. A single email has the power to build a new relationship, improve an existing one or provide an interaction that turns a lead into a lifelong customer. There are few tools in a salesperson’s toolbox that are as important as email, except maybe their CRM.

Your company’s CRM is the repository for all your customer interactions. It tracks interactions, helps your salespeople follow up on leads, increases sales and offers them detailed analytics that ultimately help improve the bottom line. 

But you already knew all of this stuff. You’re a savvy businessperson, after all. What you’re on the lookout for is something that takes the great tools you already have and makes them even better. So, what’s the best way to do that? You link them together as one.

LinkPoint360 offers a suite of tools to fully integrate your email into your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing you with unparalleled automation, communication and analytics so you can get the most out of two of the best tools in your toolbox. Here’s how.

1. LinkPoint Helps Improve Email Automation

As invaluable as email is, it’s a lot of work to manage endless chains of communication. Salespeople manage a lengthy to-do list, much of it surrounding email interactions, such as outlining emails to new prospects, sending holiday or birthday notes to current customers and following up on warm leads. A study by HubSpot shows that salespeople spend about 20% of their day sending emails.

And while Salesforce offers automation of its own, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But it’s important because, in sales, timing is everything. An expertly timed email can mean a conversion. And the lack of one can mean a missed opportunity.

With LinkPoint360, those follow-up emails can be automated, trimming your sales team’s to-do lists down to size. Your reps can create tasks for running email campaigns and put the focus on building great relationships with your current and future customers.

2. LinkPoint Helps You Better Understand the Customer Journey

Every email sent that doesn’t result in a sale isn’t necessarily a loss. Many of those emails initiate a lead and begin moving the customer down the pipeline. Eventually, they may become a valuable, loyal customer, but without tight email integration with your CRM, you’ll have a hard time understanding how each correspondence impacts them in their journey.

With LinkPoint’s email integration, you’re able to see when a lead opens and takes action on your messages so you can better understand the journey each customer took to get to where they are and how you can better nurture them. It provides you a better understanding of each individual customer and helps form the basis on how to treat and interact with future customers.

3. LinkPoint Provides Seamless Access to Customer Information and Records

Integrating your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics data and your email with LinkPoint means you have access to all of your sales data, regardless of the program you’re using. This gives you the best of your email and your CRM, all without juggling each application back and forth.

If you’re working with an email chain, you’ll easily have access to all of the customer’s information without jumping over to your CRM and digging through fields. Or if you’re working in the CRM, you can easily see all of the messages that have been sent and received without jumping over to Outlook and searching through messages.

LinkPoint also lets your team add new leads and contacts to your CRM directly from email messages. Easily add and interact with all your Salesforce records right from within a message. The integrated side panel also shows real-time Salesforce records to provide unique insights into your customer interactions. And if you don’t see exactly what you need, use it to find additional data using advanced search and filtering.

4. LinkPoint Syncs Everything

Managing all your contacts, calendars and tasks within your email client and your CRM separately is a headache. With LinkPoint, you can easily sync everything by creating independent rules that control how they move between Outlook and Salesforce. And bidirectional syncing means you can access the same records in your CRM from a specific email and vice versa, giving your salespeople the exact information they need, when they need it, regardless of whether they’re currently using their CRM or their email.

LinkPoint’s booking and recap features also let your salespeople easily access the most essential metrics and enter field updates directly to Salesforce from within Outlook for better reporting across the pipeline.

5. LinkPoint Improves Your CRM’s Valuable Insights

Salesforce provides you with an immense amount of insights that help you manage customer interactions and improve sales. But much of the information provided is the big picture, and sometimes, it doesn’t have the necessary context to make informed decisions. With LinkPoint, you have linking and context at your fingertips, right from the email message you’re responding to or simply from the integrated sidebar for Outlook.

For example, knowing if and when an email was opened tells your salesmen whether they should follow up. And LinkPoint’s real-time notifications help your salespeople prioritize their communication, improving follow-up efficiency and sales pipeline management.

Level Up Your CRM with LinkPoint360

Your email and CRM are powerful, but when they’re working independently, they aren’t living up to their full potential. LinkPoint360 solutions take the two best tools you have and combine them, amplifying their effectiveness and improving everything from the customer experience to your bottom line.

If you’re ready to increase CRM adoption across your team, improve sales workflows, make your customers happier and truly maximize the benefits your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics platforms offer, get in touch with LinkPoint today.

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