Salesforce Alternatives: 7 Reasons to Consider LinkPoint

Salesforce has completely revolutionized the way organizations do business, making firms more effective at customer relationship management and after-sales support. And when paired with other software, Salesforce is even more of a powerhouse. Unfortunately, using multiple software packages often wastes time and increases the risk of data-entry errors. Salesforce integration solves this problem by giving […]

9 Benefits of Using Salesforce (and How LinkPoint 360 Can Make Them Even Better)

LinkPoint360 offers several integration solutions for organizations using Salesforce. Integrating Salesforce with other software has many benefits, especially for firms that rely on product sales for the bulk of their revenue. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using Salesforce and find out how to enhance those benefits with a LinkPoint360 product. 1. […]

Can I Use Outlook as a CRM?

As a business owner, you realize your salespeople send plenty of emails. For many, it’s the primary communication medium used for drumming up new leads and communicating with prospects. And it’s a big part of their day: salespeople average 13 hours per week working on email. Of course, effective selling involves a lot more than […]

Is it Good to Integrate Salesforce with Outlook?

Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook are both powerful tools for making any business more efficient. With Salesforce, it’s easy to manage contact information and give your salespeople the data they need to make more sales. Microsoft Outlook helps team members communicate with internal and external stakeholders, schedule meetings and create to-do lists to keep themselves on […]

9 Reasons LinkPoint360 Is Best For Email Integration

Whether you are getting your business off the ground or looking to streamline your CRM integration to increase productivity and accessibility, LinkPoint360 offers flexible solutions. With the understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach will fail, we take care to learn customers’ goals before offering products and services. LinkPoint360 hands down offers the best email integration solutions […]

7 Benefits of LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce

Thousands of salespeople, marketers, IT specialists and other professionals use Salesforce to keep their contacts organized and accessible. Although Salesforce has many valuable features, switching back and forth between Salesforce and email takes up time that could be better spent selling or serving customers. LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce features one-click email recording and dozens of […]

How to Configure LinkPoint360 for Salesforce

LinkPoint Connect offers wide ranging email integration options for Salesforce users, regardless of your Salesforce setup. From one-click email and meeting recording to viewing and updating standard and custom Salesforce data in Outlook, LinkPoint Connect powers your sales and customer service email processes to create efficiencies and help you turn leads into conversions. From utilizing […]

A Beginner’s Guide to LinkPoint Connect

I hear a number of the same questions from new (and existing) LinkPoint360 customers as they work to get up and running with our software. After all, setting up software that connects two completely different systems can be a bit confusing at first. Add to the mix users who are new to integrating Outlook and […]

The Disadvantages of Salesforce Automation

These days, organizations sitting at the intersection of business and technology need to move fast to stay relevant. With the rapid proliferation of cloud technologies, for example, it often seems like a constant scramble to implement the latest and greatest features just to keep up. Of course, with all of these added systems, we often […]

What You Might Not Know About LinkPoint Connect

For nearly two decades, LinkPoint360 has been making it easier to use customer relationship management software, increasing efficiency and eliminating the frustration that comes from having to switch back and forth between email and CRM systems. Early on, LinkPoint360 supported Saleslogix users by giving them access to innovative features. As the number of CRM options […]