9 Benefits of Using Salesforce (and How LinkPoint 360 Can Make Them Even Better)

  • 9 Benefits of Using Salesforce (and How LinkPoint 360 Can Make Them Even Better)

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LinkPoint360 offers several integration solutions for organizations using Salesforce. Integrating Salesforce with other software has many benefits, especially for firms that rely on product sales for the bulk of their revenue. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using Salesforce and find out how to enhance those benefits with a LinkPoint360 product.

1. Improved Customer Service

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Salesforce improves customer service by ensuring that your staff members have instant access to each customer’s data. When a customer asks a question or calls for product support, an employee can immediately access the customer’s profile in the Salesforce CRM, eliminating the need to ask basic questions. Employees can also see each customer’s purchase history, making it easy to suggest upsells or provide guidance regarding product maintenance.

LinkPoint360 makes Salesforce even more effective by ensuring your employees also have access to customer email records when they answer the telephone or provide chat-based service. Instead of asking customers about previous problems, employees can get the information they need by reading the email history, letting them delight customers with the amount of knowledge they have about each account.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

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If your organization doesn’t have dedicated representatives for each account, your employees must be able to collaborate effectively to meet customer expectations. Salesforce makes it easy to collaborate by giving employees access to shared records and letting them track the progress of documents from almost any device with an internet connection. If one employee writes a note about a customer encounter, every other employee will be able to read the note and adjust their approach accordingly.

LinkPoint360 makes collaboration easier by ensuring all employees have access to customer contacts, email records and other important information at all times. If you use LinkPoint Connect, for example, employees will be able to save their Outlook contacts as Salesforce records, enabling other employees to access the data when needed.

3. Robust Reporting

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What makes Salesforce so powerful is its ability to analyze data and create custom reports that help you make better business decisions. With Salesforce, you can easily see which marketing campaign is the most effective or which online advertisement has the best performance. Salesforce also makes it easy to track progress through the sales funnel, giving your employees plenty of opportunities to refine their approaches and make more sales.

LinkPoint360 has one-click email recording and other features that can make it easier for Salesforce to produce accurate reports. For example, based on the content of saved emails, Salesforce can help your team identify which leads are the closest to becoming paid customers. With this information in hand, sales staff can dedicate most of their time working with the most promising leads.

4. Increased Productivity

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Before Salesforce and other CRM software became available, employees spent countless hours searching for customer data and trying to make sense of it — hours that would have been better spent connecting with customers and making sales. Salesforce has everything you need in one place, giving employees more time to engage in revenue-producing activities. LinkPoint360 products increase productivity even further by giving your employees access to a wide variety of time-saving features, from one-click email recording to simplified scheduling.

5. Additional Insights

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When you’re using multiple software solutions to run your business, it can be difficult to spot trends. Because Salesforce enhances collaboration and keeps critical customer data in a single location, it’s much easier for your employees to identify trends that could affect their approach to customer service. For example, one of your representatives may notice a significant increase in the number of people calling for technical support on a product. Once you’re aware of the trend, you can take steps to help employees respond appropriately. LinkPoint360 makes it even easier to identify key trends by giving Salesforce users access to recent customer emails and other data.

6. Reduced Costs

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Using a CRM like Salesforce can reduce your firm’s costs in several ways. One of the most significant is the reduction in customer acquisition costs that occurs when you use Salesforce to manage data. Salesforce improves engagement, helping you retain loyal customers instead of spending most of your time looking for new ones. When your current customers are satisfied, they’re also more likely to tell other people about your company’s products and services, reducing the cost of attracting new leads.

Salesforce also offers valuable insight into what customers are buying and what’s sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Your production department can use this data to determine how many units to produce or whether certain products should be discontinued for lack of sales, improving your ability to meet customer demand and reducing your inventory carrying costs. LinkPoint360 enhances Salesforce’s capabilities in this area by giving your team access to emails and other data to uncover key sales trends.

7. Marketing Automation

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Salesforce can help your firm save time and money by automating some of your most important marketing activities. Every time an employee connects with a customer, they collect data that can be saved in Salesforce and used to target customers with automated marketing messages. Salesforce does all the segmentation, leaving your team members with more time to provide excellent customer service. The CRM even tailors messages based on the information found in each customer profile, reducing the amount of time it takes to develop and distribute marketing messages. LinkPoint360 products can help with automation by making it easy for employees to save emails, customer contact information and other data in Salesforce.

8. Improved Accessibility

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With traditional software, employees can only access the features they need when they’re in the office. Many salespeople travel daily and may need to access customer data from conference centers, hotel rooms and airplanes. Salesforce offers cloud-based access to a wide variety of features, helping employees stay productive no matter where they are. LinkPoint360 enhances accessibility even further by allowing employees to save data from Outlook and IBM Notes right in Salesforce, eliminating the need to toggle between two software suites.

9. Faster Business Growth

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One of the main advantages of Salesforce is that it’s extremely scalable. As your business grows, Salesforce can easily accommodate new customer records, giving your team access to the features they need without slowing down or forcing you to upgrade to something new. The less time you have to spend troubleshooting your systems, the more time you have to grow your business. LinkPoint360 aids in business growth by making it easier to schedule sales appointments, record data from emails and follow up with customers.

LinkPoint360 offers several products to help businesses get the most out of Salesforce. To learn more about how to increase productivity and ensure your team members have instant access to the data they need, contact LinkPoint360 at 732-212-8401 or visit the LinkPoint website to set up a free trial of our software.

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