9 Reasons LinkPoint360 Is Best For Email Integration

  • 9 Reasons LinkPoint360 Is Best For Email Integration

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Whether you are getting your business off the ground or looking to streamline your CRM integration to increase productivity and accessibility, LinkPoint360 offers flexible solutions. With the understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach will fail, we take care to learn customers’ goals before offering products and services. LinkPoint360 hands down offers the best email integration solutions to those with Salesforce CRM services — and here is why. 

1. Ongoing and Dedicated Customer Support 

All of our clients have a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist in choosing the right products and implementing them to get the most out of LinkPoint Connect. Your CSM will make sure that your goals are met by helping to evaluate your business processes and address key concerns about implementation. This ensures that customers achieve business value and get the best return on investment from their email and CRM applications.    

Guidance from your CSM will ensure successful implementation of your software. Getting the most out of LinkPoint Connect helps drive customer satisfaction and retention and promotes increased data and customer insights.

2. Flexible Solutions Specified to Your Needs 

While we offer numerous software solutions for Salesforce that can be implemented out of the box, we understand the need for customization. If you have specific needs, our Professional Services team can work with you to enable or disable settings as those needs require. 

We offer LinkPoint GoLive implementation packages that allow you to customize your installation so it works with your existing software. LinkPoint Connect also detects your custom settings in Salesforce automatically to save you time. This reduces the amount of training needed to help your team use your new email integration solution. 

3. Advanced Security that Protects Your Business 

Cyber threats can paralyze your business and cost you money in lost productivity. We take extra steps to protect your data and to keep it out of the hands of cybercriminals and those who lack the authorization to access it. LinkPoint Connect transmits data through the Salesforce API, and none of your information is ever stored on our servers.  

Since LinkPoint Connect does not need an Einstein subscription or Salesforce Admin access, the only users who will have access to your data are those you designate. Our installation packages are already tailored to Salesforce MyDomain configurations, so there is no need for end-user configuration. You will also be able to keep all of your existing permissions as well as Salesforce Shield encryption. 

LinkPoint Connect does not force you to use EWS or Microsoft AppSource Downloads, which have known vulnerabilities. Instead, it is integrated through Outlook, allowing you to deploy your integration solution without third-party website access. All of your passwords are protected as well because your users are not required to enter them inside the application. 

4. Ease of Use to Save You Time

Making your email integration easy to use will increase productivity by allowing your team to spend more time on tasks. You will have access to an entire suite of productivity tools designed to help your employees communicate more effectively. The ability to customize ensures you can deploy the tools that work best with your business. 

You are able to record emails to your Salesforce setup with a single click. You can choose which email attachments are recorded, use custom email templates and create follow-up tasks to more easily manage your business. You can also record any emails that you have received or sent to relevant Salesforce records.

LinkPoint Connect also allows you to follow real-time data within your email integration so you don’t need to switch between your email and Salesforce accounts. You can search Salesforce for additional information and customize how results are displayed. The ability to transfer information from email signatures and forms allows you to easily create and manage new contacts as well. 

5. Ability to Manage Your Schedule 

LinkPoint Connect allows you to seamlessly transfer information to and from your calendar. LinkPoint also makes it easy for your prospects and customers to schedule meetings with you. Being able to do this on a single platform saves time and reduces frustration. 

The side panel also allows your team to create recaps of their meetings so you can track their productivity. This is essential to monitoring your KPIs and other key metrics. It will help you identify ways your team can be more successful by tracking their successes and failures within each interaction. 

6. Sync All of Your Data across Applications 

You will have the ability to decide how to sync data between your email and Salesforce applications. This includes deciding to send data one way or bilaterally. For added insight, you can include custom contextual fields so your team members are able to review and understand the information with ease. 

Once you set the rules for how you create or manage new items, you aren’t required to do anything else. The integration will remember and apply your preferences. Should you wish to make changes, updating your preferences is an easy and streamlined process. 

7. Spend Your Time Wisely with Email Tracking 

When you are unsure of whether a contact has opened your email, you may waste time with follow-up emails that attempt to get that person’s attention. People may open their emails routinely around the same time, so knowing when they are most likely to receive your communication is a valuable tool. Knowing when a person is likely to respond and whether they have even read your message can help you determine whether the person still has an interest in speaking with you.

The ability to track the status of your emails allows you to direct your attention where it is needed. You can tell if your email has been opened, so you know if someone has received the information you’ve sent. You can also see when it was received and opened to help gauge when it is appropriate to send a follow-up. Finally, tracking data can help you determine the effectiveness of email campaigns and help you make needed changes to your marketing strategy if you are not seeing your desired results.

8. Ability to Integrate with Vendors and Partners 

LinkPoint for Salesforce Partner Communities allows you to streamline your CRM system with other businesses. This allows you to make it easier for vendors and partners to access the data they need to work more efficiently with your team. It is especially useful for businesses with independently contracted sales representatives, accounting staff, real estate brokers, tech support staff and others. 

You may also offer LinkPoint Connect as a service to your vendor network. It will serve as a gateway and can be customized with your partners’ workflow and needs in mind. This will provide valuable insights regarding interactions, sales projections and contributions.  

9. Risk-Free Customer Demos 

We recognize that the best way to know if an integration will work for your business is to put it to the test. This is why we will allow you to use our email integration software for Salesforce free for 14 days. This allows you ample opportunity to review all of its available features and configurations as you work with your account manager.

This is a wonderful way to discover all of the benefits LinkPoint Connect has to offer while also deciding which options and custom features will work best for your business. As you use the integration, take note of which features you use the most as well as which settings you would prefer to disable. Should you need more customization, our Professional Services team can develop a custom software package that suits your business needs perfectly.

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