Time is Fleeting

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Here we are again with another wonderful fun-filled summer upon us. Sunny days, hot weather, and the parties and holidays. We try hard to fit in all the best beach days, vacations, ice cream, and boat rides. While summer is such an exciting time of the year where we are able to wear shorts, enjoy the warm weather, and even the sunsets behind it all, time is fleeting. We only have a solid 12 weeks of summer time to pack it all in. It’s quickly followed by fall, and before you know it, we are back into the cold, dark, damp days of winter.

How do we find the time to make the most out of a season that is so short? We often miss out on the fun of summer and immersing ourselves in this short experience. We can find different ways to plan fun weekend trips and outings with friends and family to enjoy the summer weather and events going on in the area. Our ability to optimize our summer fun relies, in part, on our ability to appreciate and acknowledge the time we have and to make use of it with planning and resources available to us. This way, we can coordinate meeting up with others, grab tickets to a concert, and know where to be to catch the best fireworks displays. Even though the summer will pass by in the blink of an eye, using your planning skills can help.


But how does this correlate to our professional life? Time might be fleeting, but we can make the most of it if we notice we have time to get ahead of the game. Just like any business plan or idea, we cannot nurture something if we are not thinking ahead. Once we see the growth potential and the end game, we can work that much harder to get there. If you acknowledge that each phase of our professional lives is like a season, where the opportunities and time shift around us, then you can also counteract it with planning and purpose. We can advance our careers early on instead of looking back years later wondering why we never took that promotion, closed that deal, or even enrolled in that Master’s program. Even with shorter-term goals, such as meeting end of Q3 quotas, knowing the time we have can allow us to plan to get the most out of every call, email, or customer interaction.


Whether you are working toward a new goal, new job, or new adventure, remember you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it and make plans to make the dream happen! Seasons and time are fleeting, but this can spur us to value every moment and opportunity. In summer, the days eventually begin to end a little earlier as the sun sets. Every day you don’t make progress toward your goals is another day the sun sets a little earlier on your chance to achieve a dream (whether personal or professional). Be sure to make the most of your summer season, get out there, have fun, and most of all don’t lose sight of what makes you smile, brings you joy, and ultimately the happiness you crave.

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