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We’re offering a new set of features to our customers, all with the goal of making it even easier for everyone to work within their existing email application. So what’s new for the Fall ’15 Release? Plenty!


Announcing the Fall ’15 Release of LinkPoint Connect

Fall '15 Release - LinkPoint Connect

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Wish you could know if your emails are being opened?

Now you can! LinkPoint Tracker is designed to alert users when an email has been opened by a recipient with a single click. Choose pop-up notifications or the LinkPoint Tracker window (or both) to see real-time activity with your leads and contacts. Looking for tighter controls? We’ve added new configuration options to LinkPoint Assist.


Wish you could use distribution lists without recipients knowing you actually used a distribution list?

Now you can! LinkPoint Bcc Sender lets you send to distribution lists and does the heavy lifting for you. Our tool will split the list and send a unique email to each person you have as a recipient. Easier for you, more personal for them.


Wish you could relate meetings to Salesforce records with a single click?

Now you can! LinkPoint Smart Link to Salesforce looks at meeting invitees and then relates any matches in Salesforce. Just make sure you are using our calendar sync feature to make sure the meetings show up in Salesforce.


Wish our software worked with Outlook 2016?

It does! Outlook 2016 users can leverage our full functionality, including all of our Fall ’15 Release updates.


Wish our software was compatible with Salesforce Platform Encryption?

It is! LinkPoint Connect is updated to support and comply with any encryption or permission rules established in your company. If the end user does not have access to specific data, then the fields will appear masked within our product.


Wish there was more to the Fall ’15 release?

There is! We also included several updates to existing features:


Wish there were more Fall ’15 Release resources?

There are! Check out our Fall ’15 Release video on our YouTube Channel. Download a copy of our Fall ’15 Release Notes. Or explore our step-by-step articles on our online knowledge base.

Products and services provided by LinkPoint360 are automatically updated by default. Individual users can, in most cases, enable updates or change their update preferences within LinkPoint Assist. Updates will be released from November 2-27, 2015.



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