Salesforce Shield_Solution_Top GraphicThe Challenge

A Europe-based, internationally renowned insurance firm (The Firm) implemented Salesforce to support a decentralized workforce with strict security requirements. When Salesforce launched its Salesforce Shield package with Platform Encryption, The Firm decided to move forward with the Shield implementation. The Firm was able to set encrypted data permissions for its entire end user base with native encryption for data at rest throughout Salesforce. However, the firm was left without a viable email integration solution that would work with its current email application as well as honor the encryption set in place with Salesforce Shield.

The Solution

Both The Firm’s Salesforce Solution Engineer and Salesforce Senior Product Manager reached out to long-time partner LinkPoint360 to explore the available email integration options. While Salesforce offers an email integration tool, Salesforce for Outlook is disabled by default for Salesforce Shield customers because it does not comply with the encryption rules. Additionally, the native email integration tool from Salesforce does not support users in an IBM Notes environment.

LinkPoint360 already offered versions of its LinkPoint Connect email integration tool for both Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes environments. LinkPoint360 Chief Business Development Officer Glenn Lehner met with the team at Salesforce and consulted directly with The Firm to determine their specific integration needs. LinkPoint360 then made the business decision to develop additional functionality for LinkPoint Connect to support the security measures put into place by Salesforce Shield and Platform Encryption.

“We understand the challenges that face organizations striving for increased data security while also working to drive Salesforce adoption,” said Lehner. “Developing support for Salesforce Shield within LinkPoint Connect enables Salesforce customers to bridge the gap between email and CRM use without compromising their security goals.”

The Results

The Firm moved forward with an evaluation of LinkPoint Connect with the newly implemented Salesforce Shield support and ran a proof of concept to confirm that the application would meet their needs. LinkPoint360 worked directly with The Firm’s team at Salesforce as well as its third-party implementation consultants at Capgemini and Deloitte. The proof of concept proved that LinkPoint Connect was fully compatible with The Firm’s encryption rules and settings. With LinkPoint Connect, users were able to sync calendars, contacts, and tasks, record emails to Salesforce, and view information within the Side Panel in their email application in accordance with their level of access to data in Salesforce and in compliance with restricted data with masked fields.

Following the software proof of concept, The Firm purchased a LinkPoint Connect subscription for its users. The Firm also worked with LinkPoint360’s Professional Services Team to further configure the tool based on their business requirements and processes. Several months later, The Firm was so pleased with LinkPoint Connect that it purchased additional licenses and rolled out email integration to another branch of its business.

“LinkPoint360 understands the need Salesforce Shield customers have for email integration that supports encryption. We were pleased to partner with Salesforce and the Salesforce Shield Product Team to provide this key functionality,” said Lehner.



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