The Challenge

Perceptive Software, a stand-alone business unit within Lexmark International, is a leading creator of enterprise content management (ECM) software products and solutions. Their flagship product, ImageNow document management, document imaging and workflow, is used by customers in more than 30 countries. In early 2011, the Shawnee, Kan. Headquartered company was migrating to a new email platform. Just seven days before they were to go live with Microsoft Outlook 2010, Perceptive Software realized that their existing CRM did not provide a connector for their new email. “It is vital to our business to fully utilize our CRM,” said Ross Reed, Account Executive at Perceptive Software. “We were in a bind when we switched email providers because we had no way to connect Microsoft Outlook 2010 to this system we rely so heavily on.”

Without a connector, Perceptive Software was not going to be able to record vital notes and correspondence from their customers.”Internally, we are very transparent,” said Reed. “If we didn’t have that email/CRM connection, we were not going to be able to communicate as easily internally and provide the outstanding customer service we’re known for, and that was a huge handicap.”

The Solution

Reed said Perceptive Software was faced with a very tight timeline to integrate the two systems. He assumed that integrating with Microsoft Outlook 2010 must be an issue for other companies so he went searching for a solution on an online forum.”I found LinkPoint360 on a Saturday and we were going live company-wide within one week,” Reed said.

Reed and a counterpart downloaded LinkPoint Connect’s evaluation version and test it over the weekend. “By Monday we were in front of our IT management letting them know this was a great tool, he said. Initially, they were testing LinkPoint Connect for our sales team only – but it quickly became apparent that the connector problem was going to affect many more people in the company. “We decided we needed something for the entire enterprise, across professional services, customer support and other departments,” said Reed.

They got key people from other departments to test the connector. Reed said he became a salesperson for LinkPoint360 within his company. “We had to push this quickly internally so I presented it to a large group,” he said. “The fact that I was able to demo LinkPoint Connect within hours of being introduced to it shows how intuitive it is. Because I was up and running so quickly I was able to sell it to the greater organization.”

The Results

Thanks to a quick decision to go with LinkPoint Connect, Perceptive Software did not have any downtime when they migrated to their new email platform. “Without LinkPoint Connect, we would not have been able to take care of customers as effectively and do our jobs as they should be done,” Reed said.”There’s a hard cost to that. Also, we were able to train people quickly because LinkPoint Connect is so intuitive. We are all so much more efficient because of it.”

Reed said that with LinkPoint Connect, Perceptive Software not only replaced their existing technology but also drastically improved their functionality. LinkPoint360 provided a tight connection and integration between the email platform and the CRM tool, giving Perceptive Software’s team all the information on their customers directly on their desktop. This allowed them to easily collaborate because all the relevant communications and correspondence was in one spot.


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